Our Services

Our website provides direct selling to foreign clients; we also offer other services, all of which are tailored according to your requests. We guarantee English speaking viewings of the properties you select from home, precise and on time reply to e-mails, and skype meetings. One of our agents will come and pick you up at one of the nearest airports (Triest or Venice) and will be responsible for assisting you throughout the purchase process. Other services are also available, among which:

  • FLY AND BUY: an incredible chance to come and see a cluster of properties we previously helped you choose from home, combining your requests with our expertise. Becoming familiar with the area, its traditions and people for a few days will help you understand if you’re making the right choice. We will organize your flying and staying, and the visits to the properties. Your spare time between one visit and another might be filled with sightseeing of Friuli’s best places. Everything will be organized according to your needs, your budget and any special requests.

  • PRE-BUY OPTION: though this is not a common practice in the Italian selling market, we have agreed with some of our regular clients to introduce it. Buying a house in a foreign country is not as easy as going somewhere on holiday, especially if you are planning to move for good. You may find it very interesting to stay in the property you intend to buy (fully furnished and equipped) for six months or so, and then have the chance to decide whether you want to confirm your offer (signing a so called "proposta d'acquisto").

  • EXTENSIVE SEARCH OF PROPERTIES: if our properties do not match your requests or expectations, we have partners in Friuli and in other parts of Italy. We are able to support you in buying properties even if they are not sold directly by our clients.

  • SUPPORT ON PRACTICAL, TECHNICAL, LEGAL AND FINANCIAL MATTERS: you may need our support as for how to set up a bank account, how to get an Italian mobile phone number, an internet connection or a car registration. More to the point, we have established partnerships with several local professionals and experts who can be very helpful along the way, renovating your new house, renting it if you are not moving here, sprucing up your house and garden, etc.

  • LINGUISTIC SUPPORT: translation of documents and meetings with professionals will be part of our support. But there is also something else: moving to Italy means that, sooner or later, you will have to learn Italian. Other than spaghetti, Venezia, and grazie, you will have to become familiar with a number of new words, difficulties in pronunciation and grammar. There are special conventions with Italian teachers who offer on-line courses and one-to-one tuition once you come over.

Domini Lino s.r.l. is looking forward to sharing with you the incredible experience of buying a house in Italy!

Buy a House, find a Home!

All the above services are subject to a separate quotation and all additional fees will be agreed with the client in advance.