Why in Friuli

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region almost unknown to the rest of the world. Udine, where we are based, is a small town situated in the region’s centre. You would be surprised to find out at it is only 80 miles away from Venice, 60 from Austria and 30 from Slovenia; driving southwards for less than an hour you can reach the Adriatic seaside. Driving northwards, instead, you’ll get quickly to the Alps, where you can ski in winter and walk in the fresh woods during the summer.

Touristically, the area is in full development, with several natural parks and reserves, and a good balance between cities’ entertainment and peaceful countryside. Historically speaking, there is a lot to be visited, including a number of ancient castles, most of which have been recently refurbished.

Public transport is particularly efficient, allowing you to wander around the region and enjoy cultural trips any time of the year.

Climate is generally temperate.

Food and wine (we are among the best wine producers in Italy) are amazing and low cost: a night out for two (aperitif, a good meal at the restaurant and a drink afterwords) can easily cost less than 100 euros (80 pounds). Friuli is for sure less expensive than Tuscany, Sardinia, or Umbria, but it is not in the least less beautiful! Though it is a land almost undiscovered by property buyers, it won’t be so for long!

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